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    Feb 8, 2016
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    Hey All,

    I am about to bang my head into the wall (pretty nasty wall!) and this is why:

    1. I have built my own website that has unique content, fairly optimised on <keyword region> (on pages) and a couple of high quality links form a directory. I know who am I competing on the long tail keywords and aware they do a bit more than me for most of the pages but for now it seems like doesnt matter what I add the ranking dosnt change anymore for any of the keywords (stuck around 12 in best case scenario) - be awesome if anyone ready to take a look (ill PM the site and share my mistakes here so everyone can learn)

    2. there is another website who compete on the main keyword, but unlike others that rank on the top, he has NOTHING (content, links, unicorns, or a father working at google (afaik) - be awsome if anyone can also reveal this mystery for me

    3. question - I noticed that on the main keyword, 2 of the top 3 who ranks using different approaches , both has small websites page count wise, but one has on the main page around 25k words with density of ~4% for the main keyword (lots of videos and images) while the other has just a regular website, but he connecting it with another 3-4 websites that are almost the same owned by him....what would you recommend?

    Thanks in advanced, I will gladly share all linked on PM