Need advice from smtp expert over reply-to's, spf + dkim (I'll pay you for a solution!)

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    Before I ask my question, if anyone can answer this and give me the solution I'll happily PayPal you $50 for doing so...

    I have been mailing out (can spam complaint) to non opt-in emails for about a year now with no problems, I'll explain my setup below. Recently the domain I used to mail out has been suspended for spam complaints. The issue now is my reply to address. The old reply to address inboxed fine, even to gmail but now with my new domain used as the reply to it goes straight to spam. I have a feeling it may be to do with spf?. Here's my setup:

    I bought a domain about a year ago from godaddy, let's call it I then hosted the domain and website at hostgator.

    I then bought seperately, hosting from godaddy to be able to use their smtp replays to send out the mails using an smtp mailer (atomic mailer). I link a domain to this hosting (a completely seperate domain name used solely for this purpose, lets call it

    In Atomic I set my smtp relays to be I have 100 accounts, each allowed to send 250 mails per day (total 25,000 daily). I set the 'reply-to' address as which gives me the ability to answer any replys which come back from the original send. Because is hosted at hostgator, it uses hostgators smtp to mail back the replys obviously.

    Now the problem...

    So because is now suspended, I cannot use it to receive any of the replys I get and mail back out my own reply. I am forced to buy another domain and replace my reply to address from to

    When I set this as my reply-to in Atomic, when i send out to any gmail account, no matter what the message content, it goes straight into gmails spam box. I simply send a test email with a subject 'testing' and message 'this is a test'. It has no spam related content, but goes directly into gmails spam box.

    On my old domain, this got through completely fine. What the hell is going on?. It's also worth nothing that at the same time I bought I also bought another domain which hasn't been doing too much. If I use this other domain as the reply to, it works fine!?, they land in inbox. This domain is also hosted with hostgator.

    I am using this domain for my reply-to as a replacement for the time being but I guess it's only a matter of time before it may end up suspended.

    I need to be able to purchase new domains and use them as a reply to in the emails which I send out with atomic, using godaddys smtp relays.

    I'm no expert, certainly not with dkim/spf etc but have a feeling the solution lies there. If someone can help me out, provide me with a solution/answer which works I genuinely will send over $50. Or, maybe take a look at my setup through teamviewer.

    It just makes no sense to me that two older domains used as a reply to get through spam filters fine. Any other domain or new ones which I buy will go straight to spam.

    Looking forward to the knowledgable experts answers ;) (and to send them my money)