need advice for a site


May 15, 2011
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So back in june i registered a site with a decent domain name for a movie site, although its genre specific.

Its just sitting in my godaddy account and completly forgot about it.

site is XXX being a specific genre.

Any recommendations on what to do with it? dont really wanna throw money at it lol.
You should probably let it rest in peace. Instead of adapting your business to your domain name you should adapt your domain name to your business. Starting on a whole new business venture just to put a domain name to use is not recommended :).
lol thats what i was thinking i had a project for it back in june, then just kinda forgot about it, and just happened to get an email reminding me about it:p
Give it away as a Christmas gift here on BHW...a little gift goes a long way!
You could try to sell it. Maybe you can at least recoup your money. If your lucky and it's a good name, maybe you can even make a profit. Maybe try Sedo, they sell a lot of domain names for people.
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