Need advice, down on things

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    Sep 12, 2010
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    First off I'd like to say I'm not looking for anything other than maybe work, and advice.

    I had a business dealing that has essentially taken just about everything I own. I have the basics of clothing, pots and pans, and some other assorted things in a storage space in LA (that's overdue now that I think of it, lol.). I'm currently making ends meet by paying a business owner to let me stay in his warehouse, as I ended up unable to afford my apartment I had foolishly upgraded to when things got good. I stored money away, but unfortunately I allowed my business partners access to this.

    I've found a few good things here that will pan out over the long term and put me back on my feet, but I need to find some way to take care of the immediate. I'm already looking over the freelancer section, hitting up old contacts, and going through craigslist gigs every day.

    I'm able to feed myself by working like a dog, but I can't get ahead. IM, and tech work is all I know. So I ask you....