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    Aug 30, 2016
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    Hello Guys.

    Well i'll explain as much as i can. As long as for now i don't have money to make website and start working on niche, and as long as creating youtube channel is free i thought that i would try to make some money that way. Problem is that i don't own good camera and my pc is really old to make gameplay or any kind of videos. I heard that lot of people use facebook and other traffic to rank their vids and get thousands of views in hours. But i don't have traffic too. I just want to hear your advice what niche can be good to start with. Obviously i will be posting other people's videos and want to know which ones are most safe. I have tried vine compilations, funny compilations, animal compilations, some animations but i got banned on all of them. So if you can give me any advice that will be good. I don't really think to earn like 1000 euros per month from start, 200 euros per month will be really great for me. thanks a lot.