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    Hello, I have micro niche site with exact .net domain, global exact search is 3600, low competition. First month I was on page 1, 6 position, then I started creating backlinks, unique content. Second month I was on page 1, but 9 position. Today I'm on page 2, 12 position. Btw my postion in yahoo for this keyword is on page 1, 9 position (better than google). I tried to add more unique content, more backlinks but that's not help. I'm really confused what is wrong with this site. Could anyone experienced member take a look to my site? Sorry for my english. :pat:
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    What does "more backlinks" stand for ... If the domain is new, don`t blast it with huge scrapebox auto approved or things that are more likely to trigger the BH flag.

    If all you did was article submission, bookmarking and things like that continue your work and eventually you`ll see results.

    Don`t expect that if its a micro niche and the competition is lower to get 1st position faster then usually, especially with a new domain. You need to build authority and don`t do linkbuilding in weekends or "special days"... Try to keep your linkbuilding process without footprints and schedule it on daily basis.

    Try a directory submission so Google bots will understand what you`re blogging about and in what niche are you ^^
    I hope i could help.
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