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need advice about Email list sale

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by griffioen, Jan 3, 2015.

  1. griffioen

    griffioen Newbie

    Aug 28, 2014
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    Hi Everyone at bhw, sorry I'm new here so If I put this in the wrong section. Please tell me and I will delete it and repost it in another section.

    This post is not for selling the email list, this post is for asking information/advice on how to handle it.

    I acquired (I don't like to use the word stolen here) a list of targeted emails that have been acquired through google cpc, facebook cpc, affiliate marketing and I'm wondering if it's worth selling them. I am new to this so I have no idea if it is worth putting some effort in finding a buyer or just deleting them off my computer. I already took the buyer list out of the other lists and made close to 1200 profit (another 800 as soon as clickbank pays out over the next month) from email marketing. The point is that I do not want to manage all the rest of the list since I have no idea how to keep the spam complaints low for such a large list.

    The list is targeted and in the health niche, I divided it into 3 big parts
    1. the good country list (about 65-85% usa, open rate around 13%)
    2.the cheap country list (maybe only 15% usa the rest from cheap countries, open rate around 13%)
    3. the shitty list (people that have not opened in the past 2 months, open rate usually around 2%)

    The lists should have very low bounce rates since I know emails have been send to them regularly and most are in some email funnel. Obviously the emails will have high spam rates as you are sending to people that don't know about you. None of these lists contain any buyers as I have taken the buyers list out and am sending to them myself.

    So for my questions for more experienced people are: Is the list worth something or is it just too much trouble and am I better of just deleting the list of my laptop? How much would an email in any of the 3 categories be worth? Since this is the first and probably only list I will ever sell so I have no reviews how can I show people that the list is indeed a real list and not some scraped list or spam list, should I give them 500 email adresses to try out or how does this normally work?

    I have no interest in sending emails to the list themselves, I already have trouble keeping the spam complaints low with only the small buyers list while using my own list to catch some of the spam complaints, let alone a super large list. I'm sure they are not worth much, but even if each email adress brings in a low amount like half a dollar cent, it would still be enough for me to go abroad for a week :) So It can never hurt trying

    Sorry for the long post
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