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Need Advice about Authority Sites

Discussion in 'Link Building' started by charleskoliver, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. charleskoliver

    charleskoliver Newbie

    Jan 26, 2013
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    Web Analyst
    Michigan, USA
    Hello everyone,

    I am building links for my Wordpress blog, someone told me that authority site do follow link building is very effective to get PR juice as well as high rank.

    Could anyone explain it to me that what authority site means and how to collect authority sites. I searched it but did not find any clear explanation.
  2. nirose

    nirose Senior Member

    Oct 24, 2008
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    Authority sites are sites that are good at what they do and others sites use them as reference and such. Big sites are Wikipedia, wordpress.org, pinterest, BBC, nature and others. These sites get automatic backlinks from sites arround the world without any seo company working behind them

    Other domains get authority through good backlinks to their sites. These are done through backlink building so these are manually created authority sites.

    You can check for sites authority at opensiteexplorer site. find them on google

  3. phpbuilt

    phpbuilt Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    May 16, 2011
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    putting monkeys in paypal

    Of course, you can't get links at all of those (but you can a good amount of them). But its a good start, they each have mozrank and moztrust listed so you can just focus on getting links from the most trusted sites on the internet.
  4. Techxan

    Techxan Elite Member

    Dec 7, 2011
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    TEXAS (you have to yell, its the law.)
    An authority site is simply a larger site that has built up some authority. You get authority in a number of ways, the age of the domain contributes, people back-linking to you, low bounce rate, all sorts of things.

    Authority flows into your site just like PR does, except authority goes to the domain while PR goes to the page.

    What they mean by the linking is to use the internal linking to spread your authority throughout your site by keeping it on related pages within the site.

    Remember a basic backlinking rule: a related backlink is better than an unrelated backlink. A related link will pass more PR and Authority than a non related link.The same applies to internal links.

    Say you have a site offering web services. You do web design, SEO, and Social media marketing. If you silo the site you will have a category (called a silo), for each of these, one for web design, one for SEO and on for Social media marketing. As you add content, you add the content into the appropriate silo for the category that it fits.

    Here is the linking trick. You only link pages together with pages from the same silo, other than the home page.

    In other words, your home page will link to the three silo tops, but not to anything in the silo. The silo tops will link to the home page, and pages in its own silo, but not to pages in another silo.

    Each page of the silo will link to other pages in the silo, the silo top, and usually to the home page, but never to a page in another silo.

    All of these links are do****ow links. All links that point out of the silo no****ow. (including privacy policy, about us, contact us sitemap, ect.)

    Here is what happens. Since every link inside the silo is related to all the pages in the silo,the internal links spreads the PR and authority to each page of the silo at a maximum effect.

    When you build a backlink for the SEO category, instead of pointing it to your home page, you point to the SEO category top or an internal page of that silo. This spreads the (related) juice into all the SEO pages in the silo, giving you maximum effect from the link. (none of this link juice will "bleed off: into non related pages). Since all pages point to the home page, there will be plenty of juice flowing to the home page.

    In time, each category will be passing massive amounts of link juice to their own pages, all of it from related links, and this will be passed to the home page as well.

    In an un-siloed site, the link juice just flows from any page through the navigation to every other page it is linked to, meaning the link from an SEO page to the Web Design page will lose link juice because it will not be as related. This diminishes the juice flowing through the site, because the internal links are pointing to unrelated pages, "bleeding off" authority and PR.

    if you do your internal linking right, you will drive up the internal page PR and general authority of the site
  5. lowell1

    lowell1 BANNED BANNED

    Oct 4, 2012
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