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    I've been working hard seo'ing my site lately but recently it seems someone's trying to throw a spanner in the works and and was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to proceed. Specifically, I'm interested in anyone who has experience with UK trademarks or who might have come across something similar to my issue.

    My store is run from, and I've just noticed someone has registered I should've secured this tld too before now, but that's not a huge deal as customers know to find the site via the and this obscure .net is buried deep within the search results.

    The problem is, this .net version of my domain is running a load of adverts related to my niche via adsense, even though the domain itself is completely non-generic, doesn't reference widgets and is registered as a trademark in the UK. Legally, anyone in the UK attempting to sell widgets under this name prohibited from doing so, but the trouble is the registrar of the .net is Canada based (and has domain privacy).

    The first step will be to register the trademark internationally to make life a little easier, but my question is does anyone have any successful experience of cross-border take down notices?
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    Step 1# Contact Google Adsense as they are very strict on trademark infringement and will block the adsense working on that site.
    Step 2# Adsense doesnt work no longer, chances are the domain owner will want to sell. Either wait for it too expire or ask for a price, or contact his registrar saying its infringement.
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