Need a youtube commenter


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Aug 2, 2016
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I need a bot to comment on youtube video. That's the requirements:

1- options to upload the accounts via .txt file and one account by one (I have the accounts).
2- options to upload the comments via .txt file and one account by one. The comments will be separated by line break on the .txt file.
3- options to upload proxies with it's ports, logins and passwords via .txt file and one by one.
4- option to set one proxy to accounts previously uploaded and one proxy to more than one account.
5- make the comments based on video URL
6- the comments can't be commented two times by two accounts (for example), it's simple, one comment per account.
7- save a .txt log file for me analyse if every comments were make succesfully

I think it's simple to implement like and subscribe checkboxes to accounts do it when access the video to make the comment.