Need a website designer/seo expert help to import a site into wordpress

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    Hello all,

    I am looking for someone to take one of my websites and make a word press theme out of it, preferably if they can give me a sample before I pay that would be great. These were designed with a simple wysiwyg editor but are now have become very profitable and need to be updated visually, as it is time we catch up with the social networking and back-linking/bookmarking wave. I want to update my sites but I want to keep the main structure intact, as they have great content which is valuable to my visitors.

    I am also looking for a general consultation/tutoring for my domains, as they have been smashed by Panda and Penguin. I do want to do most of the work myself but if anyone can really help me get my sites back on track I have NO problem sending some cash your way.

    The situation is basically that I've only recently come under ownership of these websites, they were passed down by a family member to myself and one other but we're kind of on a river with no paddle if you get what i mean! They haven't been TOUCHED in terms of SEO/ page optimization/ article writing /directory submission etc etc.

    income is starting to decline because of panda and penguin, but as these sites were making over 5k/month at some point I KNOW they can be successful again with just a little updating. so we really just want to know how to properly maintain them and get back on track.

    PM me if you think you can really help for a modest price, trying not to spend more than 50$ per week. I only need a few hours/week of help as this is mostly me trying to learn the basics.
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    PM me the details.i will like to do the job.