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    Hey everyone!

    I am looking to get a website created for backlink services, where i can process, manage and control orders for Scrapebox and AMR blasts. What i want is a SIMPLE system where people simply create an account, then once they are logged in are able to make a payment eg for a SB blast, then they simply enter their keywords + URL's for the order. Once their order is placed i would like to have a backend which shows all the orders etc so i can keep track and keep organised of the work. Also i would like the clients to be able to see their orders online and allow me to upload a report to them. Like a portal ?

    Im not to sure if really there is much coding needed i only put it in the title as i am not to sure what i needed to get a site up like this. Please keep in mind i do not need fantastic graphics created for the site.

    Anyways im not in a real rush to get this built but if you feel you can create a site like this then please let me know and also how much it would cost. If you have any suggestions or ideas aswell please let me know.

    Thanks heaps
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    Hello mate ,

    PM sent with details. Please hit me up on skype at sam.hunt0710 so that we can discuss the project.

    Looking forward to have business with you.