Need a tutorial website created about interent marketing

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    What i would like is someone with knowledge about internet marketing to create a website with tutorial videos about internet marketing. This website should cater to people with little knowledge of computers but show them step by step on how to make money online.

    example website would be

    I would like something like that created but totally different outline of courses and video. What I would like is someone with web design and internet marketing skills to build a tutorial website for me.

    These would be an example outline to get started

    1)video on how to advertise on craiglist, backpage
    2) video on affiliate marketing and how to get approved by showing step by step instructional video
    3) video about CPA and same as point 2
    4) Video on associated content and about how to set up an account and write few articles
    5)adbrite and what that is about
    6)google adsense and explain the same as above
    and more other ideas of which you can think of are easy to get setup and make money for a newbie wanting to work from home.

    Please pm with your ideas and if you are interested in this project and if you have other ideas which i could put on my website to help newbies.

    THanks looking forward to your responses.
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    I have sent you a PM about this job. Seems very interesting and I would love to help you build this into an authority site.