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    I dont know where it was better to post this between Hire a freelancer or here but i think what i need is really simple so i hope someone can help me create it :)

    I am programing applications on android (simple ones) and i want to also move to IOS but because i dont have much time to watch tutorials and learn everything as objective c looks like chinese to me i am looking for some help here.

    First of all i don't have a MAC so the only way to start programming is using a virtual machine with MAC OS installed on it and then install x-code in it? (First question)

    I want a very simple template with just a listview that i can add and remove items so if anyone can help i will appreciate it. If no one can do it for free i am willing to pay :p

    Also which networks you are using? I am using admob but i want to know if anyone is having success with another network as i dont like direct bank payments. (Second question)

    These are my 2 questions and when i set up everything if i dont find a solution i will post a more detailed thread at hire a freelancer :)
    Thanks in advance!
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    plɹoʍ ǝɥʇ punoɹɐ ƃuıɯɐoɹ

    You can also use a "hackintosh"; just make sure it uses an intel chipset and the hardware is reasonably compatible. A friend of mine has such a setup and AFAIK he's doing OK.
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