Need a simple registration/login PHP/MySQL script

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    Launching a new website, have the layout already done. One of the simplest websites you'll see.

    Here's what I need to finish up:

    Registration script that requires-
    • Username
    • Password
    • Email
    • Logs IP address
    • Email Validation

    Also the HTML form to place the registration on my page.

    Login script, after login needs to-
    • Display a small page that I can place 1 CPA offer, must be able to change this offer and text with ease.
    • Displays "Points: _", I must be able to manually edit everyone's points with a MySQL(ex; add 1 point to everyone's account with 1 query)
    • Generate a unique referral link to sign-up and a way for me to keep track of how many people someone has referred.
    • Displays "Referred: _". So the user can see how many people they have referred.

    Also the HTML form to place the login on my page.

    I've used MySQL in the past, just need to brush up on it, so just let me know the SQL query I'd need to do to say add on 1 point for each user account.

    Also something that would be nice is the ability to check for multiple IP's and ban users who register multiple times. So maybe a pop-up that says "This account has been banned." when they attempt to login to a banned account.

    If you need to see the website this registration, login, and control panel will go on then please let me know so I can show you.

    Please give me a quote on how much this type of job would cost, nothing needs to be over-board I don't need anything fancy just the simple login/registration/control panel I listed.

    Also if you could make me a very small maybe 3-4 field contact script, I'd pay extra for that.

    My MSN is - [email protected]

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