Need a Reputed member to fix Crawl errors!

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    I just looked in my webmaster tools and have a bunch of crawl errors...9 not found then something about denying googlebot. I see a bunch of 404, there is 403 and a 500 and I have absoulutel no idea how to fix this. Also I see some pages that the errors are on and I did not make them....
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    don't have time to look but here's a rundown.

    good basic stuff to know if you're running your own sites.... usually they're an indication of a problem on your site specifically

    usually if you have google xml sitemaps it'll block some of your administration directories, including jquerry type stuff with robots.txt - if it's this it's no big deal in my personal opinion. It can also mean that your robots.txt is blocking something you want to be seen. Edit robots.txt

    these are pages not found. Click on the error to see what pages are linking to the page not found. Sometimes it is because you put the URL in wrong in a link. sometimes it is because you put the page in wrong. Change the links and update the change with a 301.

    this is the server noticed the error but doesn't want to fulfill it. You may have something linked to something admin or place the server doesn't want to be accessed

    this is generally something wrong with your website or server
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    Send me more details about the work and i will complete it quickly for you