Need a quick PHP job with the Paypal IPN - 100$

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    Hey. I'm making a website but I need someone who has experience with the paypal IPN and PHP. It shouldn't be too big of a job, so 100$ should be a great price for you.

    What I need:

    -I have three options to buy an account on my website. Each is priced differently. When someone goes to buy an account, they will be taken to the paypal download page and pay the amount for the account they selected.

    -After they pay I need paypal to call back to my server and have it create the user who just bought an account a new username and password. It also needs to generate a date when the account will expire and insert that into my database.

    -Next, the user has to be brought to the page saying Welcome, here is your account info, etc.

    What I need from you is to have the html forms that will let them buy it from paypal, then paypal call back to my server telling it that a new order was made, and then have my server create a new user/pass for them. I kept this description vague, but if you are interested I will give you more info.

    If you know the paypal IPN I'm sure this will take less than a half hour.

    PLEASE PM me with your AIM sn if you are interested! I want to get this done within the next two days!

    Thank you!
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    pm ed u :)
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    You could do this in Joomla using Joomla and AEC. Alhtough AEC is a fucking cunt of a module with less than zero support. at least that's how it used to be. :D