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    Hi I've got a problem with my sites and need a fix I understand the problem but do not know enough about php to fix the problem.

    I use bans (Build a niche store) but I use an older version 1.2. The Ebay Partner Network have changed the RSS feed and now my clicks are showing as US rather than UK and are now worthless.

    The rss feed links constructed by BANS or EBAY TOOLS RSS GENERATOR (official tool) produce a list of item where the clickable affiliate links look something like this:
    For some unclear reason the clicks from those links get attributed to the US program and are thus completely worthless for me. I need to change all links you get from feeds to a different format, which does not seem to be affected by the bug. I need the links need to be this form:

    I've got the fix for version 3.0 but the code is writen very different in version 3.0 In theory this should be an easy fix as the php code in version 1.2 is much simpler.

    If you can fix this I can pay lol PM me for more details