Need a Mass Email Specialist!

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    I am looking for someone with a vast wealth of experience to help me setup an email sending system which will, at the very least provide plausible deniability in regards to following of the Can-Spam act.

    My company is engaged in the business of industrial asset recovery and maintains a list of roughly 1,000,000 recipients whom we try to send to every 45 days approximately.

    I will be direct in telling you that, while this list is very well targeted, the recipients of my emails have not opted-in. If you have a problem with this fact then this job is not for you. In that event you can hold onto your comments as I assure you they will be met with the profoundest of indifferences.

    I need a system to be setup which allows for emails to be sent from different domains to protect my primary domain's reputation, yet allows for responses to come back to my main domain. I will need my website to be mirrored to the other domains. I also will require a system/method for recipients to easily opt-out. This system will have to also coordinate with my VPN software to hide the source IP.

    I will pay very well for someone capable of handling this project with minimal oversight. I need a system which will get through to my recipients without fail.

    If you feel you meet this criteria please send me a resume or something along the lines of your experience and qualifications.