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    May 3, 2010
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    Okay recently I have started to make a website that I hope can grow quite large by the end of the year. And possible sell it to someone for several thousand dollars or start getting my ad sense account to around 150.00 to 200.00 a day.

    But I am having a little trouble getting the grasp on building back links. (I understand what back linking is but not sure how to do it.)

    So have heard and researched 2 possible 3 programs. Depends on how you look at it.

    And I am curious witch one you would purchase.
    1. First there is xrumer - Witch I am most confused about. I found this website Xrumer Seo I dont be live that you purchase the software from this website but you purchase back links from someone. If anyone has tried this service it would be amazing if it worked and make my life that much easier.

    2. Then there is Xrumer its self. at xrumer7 Dot info. Witch is really expensive but if it works and you guys vouch I might be able to purchase it but would prefer to get one of the other 2 to work first.

    3. Finally there is scrapebox witch looks amazing and gets great reviews but im scared im going purchase it and not understand it. I mean I think its software for building back links lol. And I hope that this one works out of all of them. My only question about this software along with xrumer is how dose it work do I have to load any sort of data into the software and if so what. I mean obviously my weburl and some of that but how dose it know where to backlink..

    Thank You
    And I apologize for the noob questions.:)