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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by JasonG, Jun 19, 2010.

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    Hey guys (and gals) sorry for this newbie-esque type of question but, I am relatively new to link building, and I was able to get my hands on a shit load of .edu and .gov blogs and, I am kind of embarrassed to say this but, I don't know if I am setting my link up properly...

    I don't have any tools (i.e. scrapebox) (lacking $$) so I am going at this manually to start off...

    I just randomly picked a few of the links in the .txt file that I received and went to them to see what they were all about, see what they looked like, and to see how I could take advantage of them... but... I am new to "getting backlinks"...

    I am assuming down at the bottom of all the .edu blogs there are normally the "post a comment section" as I have seen - such as the following website...

    and in that section I see the fields that follow


    My question: where do I put my website in to get the backlink? my guess is "website"... but then again, it might be in the comment section - which is why I am asking this... and if it is in the comment section, do I need to do the whole html <bla bla bla> anchor text stuff? or do I literally just put my www . mywebsite . com?

    Secondly - I tried posting a comment at some of the blogs that I made comments on and neither of them showed up after I clicked the "post comment" button...

    is this due to the blog having some kind of admin approval setting??

    A little help would be great and thanks will be in store

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    Just put your URL where it says website.

    Look at the other comments already on the page, are they using their names i.e "Jason" or anchor text, i.e "Weight loss tips"...?

    If they are using normal names, just put your name in, if they are using anchor text, take advantage of that and use a keyword.

    Make sure your comment is relevant to the post and it should get published, most blogs will not approve the comments automatically - someone takes a look at them and then approves them.