Need A IOS/Website Developer! Looking for a partner! (Not A Game)

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by Pocketchange25, Sep 19, 2015.

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    Wasn't sure about putting my ideas out like this, but I do need a partner and some help! So please reply or PM me thank you.

    App/Website Ideas:

    1. Ok my app is very easy to make, I just want a browser that can save pages for offline browsing. There are some apps like that on iOS, but I want a bit more:
    Save links as well (all or only those on the same server)
    Save next pages (URLs ending in p=1 or nextpage=1 etc.)
    Refresh all pages with a single button
    Automatic refresh

    Bonus: tag pages, and update by tag ("daily" or "news")

    Just imagine using it for BHW. Save all the threads on page 1 of BHW. Update all my subscribed threads. Load all the other pages of this thread.

    App 2. For teachers I'd like something that allows a teacher to take attendance. Classes can be very large. Most teachers take attendance by going to a website on there iPhone and marking each student. I would rather be able to take a picture of the class and have the app figure out who is here and who is missing. Could be very big in the education field. The class would start learning much quicker than waiting on there teach take roll.

    App 3. A app that converts all phone converstations to txt files.

    App/website 4. The swag app/Website, kinda like tinder but instead its swag people go through pics of people and rate to see who has the most swag. Trust me it sounds dumb but the word "swag" is big in the younger generation. Could have a weekly leaderboard to see who is leading in swag points.

    App/Website 5. Help the Needy App/Website: An app where people can tell there stories and have there own donation button. Tell your story with pics, vids, or however you like. Make friends along the way. Even make it where organizations can setup a needy account. Help fight cancer, aids, and many other diseases with your own donation button. Needy is for everyone! Everyday people, celebrities, politicans, organizations you name it! This is the new app that will give back to the people. Let your story be heard. Needy transcations can be used world wide with even bitcoin option.

    App/Website 6. The Magician App or website: An app/site where magicians can sign up (must have a webcam) the magician can perform magic tricks or show people how to do magic tricks. But the people would need to donate to the magician to see the show or learn the magic tricks. Kinda like the live porn web cams where they do private shows for a small fee, But this would be a private magician show LAs Vegas in your house! But we the owners get a small comminsion of whatever the actor charges the people in the chat!
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    so it is only available on IOS? what about android?
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    App 1 is a good idea. For app 3, maybe I am thinking about different intended usage, but one could equally use voice recording apps which are currently available for free.. just my opinion anyway.

    Can help make some of your apps if youre interested. Send me a PM.

    All the best with your ideas.
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    Your apps sound good, except for the swag app. This is coming from a teen, and Im sorry to tell you but no one says swag anymore. It died out last year after people started saying it way too much.