Need a good PPC network.

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    Do tell if you have a better idea than me.

    So a few days ago I started another blog (On blogspot). It's a swedish blog. Instead of CPA I decided on a casual blog. I update it 2-5 times a day about news and such. It's a new blog so it's not getting much traffic yet.

    So I was wondering, what should I go with? I assume CPM would be the way to go? I mean there's no real way to monetize on my visitors in any other way.

    First I was thinking of Googles PPC network but they're quite easy with banning people.

    Or does someone have a better idea on how to monetize on it? I know of no good popup companies or else I'd go with that.

    Also, I do want to maximize my earnings but I am not really trying to make millions, just some extra income for my rent and such.