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    Hi all

    I am going to try and start an offline business. It will be the idea from this thread EDIT: It won't let me put on the thread but it is the one from redhill on making a 5,000 a month consulting business.

    I am very new to most of this stuff but want to try this because I am comfortable in an offline setting dealing with people and customers. I am a student and not looking for a get rich quick thing just looking to make decent money to be able to pay my tuition and start saving for my future. I have read up on a lot of stuff both on that thread and ones related to it and also the e-book the thread is about and think I would have a chance at this. I am looking for a good person or company who would be able to handle the Google Places SEO for me. I would send out the letters and land clients and from there I would give you the info you need and would pay you to do all the SEO for me. It is a win win for everyone involved. You get business, I get business and get to pay down my student loans, and the customer gets the Google Places SEO and ranking for his/her business.

    I am very interested in talking to people more and seeing what my options are and if I landed a deal with a client what exactly I would need from them to pass on to you and how long it would take on your part. I live in a town of around 200,000 metro in the USA.

    I looked at but not sure if they are trustworthy, good, and if the prices are fair because I have never done this before. If someone could PM me who is interested I would love to talk to you more!