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    We're planning to get a list of over 100K websites with different contact forms. We need a tool that can dynamically figure out the different required fields (especially the comments), integrate with Decaptcha and then submit the form. If you know of a third party tool that will do it, please let me know. Otherwise, let me know how much you could build a tool for. We looked into scrapebox but their support team said it will only handle one unique form (learning mode).

    Thanks in advance.
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    It is almost impossible. We've tried doing this in the past with no luck. Different websites call fields differently and that adds to the complexity. For e.g. you will have websites asking for names in different formats:
    - Full name
    - First name and last name
    - Contact name
    - Contact Person
    - Your name

    You get the idea. We currently use a combination of fire form and imacros to get to a speed of about 60 - 80 forms an hour. The script is designed to open multiple sites in different tabs and auto fill the fields. But the process is still very much manual and it still needs someone managing the exceptions before we hit the submit button.

    I will be happy to offer this as a service at $3/hour if you want. I got people who can do this job for you, lemme know if you are interested.

    Thanks and good luck!
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