Need a "Donor" member for AWESOME JV!

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    I need a Donor member to JV with for my Phone Number service. I sell US phone numbers for account verifications and need a Donor member to partner up with me and make a VERY handsome profit share from my phone number service, as well as I will supply you with a weekly supply of free (about 5 free numbers per week) for your time.

    All you need to partner up with me is be a Donor member!

    You will make a percentage of every phone number order we sell together, as well as a weekly supply of FREE US quality, never before used phone numbers that you can choose to use for your own PVA making needs, or sell them!

    I already have a large customer database, but have not yet really tapped into the BHW market. I just need your Donor status to post a Service thread for my Phone Number service here on BHW as I am not a "Donor" and don't really want to pay the $98 just yet.

    You will supply your OWN contact information in the thread so the customer contacts YOU first, insuring that you have total knowledge of the lead you should be paid for. I will then pay you your percentage of the sale (depending on how large the order from your customer is) before you give me any of their contact information.

    You have nothing to loose at all, and you will be making money while also collecting your share of top-quality US based phone numbers that are good for 120 days!

    My numbers cost $3 per line, come with 50 minutes, good for 4 months (120 days) and are TOP QUALITY!

    Please let me know asap if you are interested in becoming a partner! I predict this offer should sound VERY good to many people and the spot will fill FAST so don't wait!

    ***NOTE Do NOT respond here on BHW! Please Use one of the following to contact me!

    Skype: casino-k
    Yahoo: semiautocash
    Email: [email protected]