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    1. You know how people have the option to have "signatures" on forum accounts, so whenever someone makes a post, their text/html/pic specified in the signature settings is also posted to all of their posts? I need a wordpress plugin that is like that, but the "signature" on my wordpress posts are only applied to a post that is in a certain category. For example, If im publishing a post in wordpress, and i choose category "a", then the plugin is programmed to have my signature posted when the post is published under the "a" category. Then, I make a post to the "b" category, and the plugin doesn't have this on the list to put the signature on, so the signature would be excluded from this post.

    IF there is any kind of plugin that does this, or is very similar, please let me know.

    2. A plugin that only shows widgets in certain categories. When I make a post to a certain category, I would like for certain widgets to show up on those post pages only. For example Widget 1 would be shown in "a" category posts, and widget 2 would be shown in "b" category posts.

    Any plugin similar to this?

    Really need some help because not only are these plugins difficult to find, but it was hard enough for me to try and explain in detail what I wanted so that you would understand.

    Any suggestions are appreciated.
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