Need a blackhat services buyer with seo knowledge

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    The job would involve this:

    1- determine the optimal use of blackhat service provider services (in services offered section) for this month. apply insight so the sites does not get blacklisted.
    2- contact them and give instructions with appropriate timing (schedule)
    3- make sure execution is correct, report.

    The budget is $400 per month to be spent on blackhat provider services.

    The job above is to save me the time of finding out who can deliver, and saving me the time of having to make sure the providers have everything and do what they are supposed to.

    It would be a monthly thing, possibly can last for years, and in time you will know the service providers that deliver results and this job can be reduced to a few hours per month.

    I have to work within the client's budget - but I'm going to completely pass on whatever profit margin I can negotiate for this task to the person helping me out with it. Reply in this thread with the amount you'd ask monthly to do this task.