Need a agent for use the spinner program

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    I need only 1(one) agent.
    I have 37 website. They are all wordpress blogs. And also niche titles. I need a agent who can care about all of administration.

    You will get;
    *wordpress blogs' urls / titles
    *wordpress blogs' description (+ all informations about all blogs)
    *wordpress blogs' username/password
    *the best spinners username/password

    What he/she will do ?
    *s/he will find sources for blogs.
    *s/he will post 1 or 2 spinned arcitle to blogs (random)
    *s/he will add some images to articles sometimes (5-6 article with images per day) .

    That's it.

    Per day :
    50-60 post had to be added for 37 blog everyday.
    (example posts : 51 text + 6 text with image)
    Maybe it will take your 6-8hours per day in starting.
    But after some days, you will be faster than past. maybe 3-4 hours per day.

    Payment :
    Every week. Via paypal. (I can pay everyday in start)

    I'm not rich, I need a person who lives in india or pakistan, philippines, ...
    I heard that they working to 5-10 dollars per day for this jobs.

    Is there anyone who can do my jobs ?
    Or how can I find a person who can help me for this ?

    PM me,
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    I ve sent you PM