Need 5 US Testers on my site

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    Ive recently set up a GPT Site, ive made many customizations to it, and added a lot of offers and several offer walls. I have one small problem thou, i live in denmark and dont got any offers available to me, so i need 5 US people with Skype, who would like to help me test my postback scripts ive made for both the offer walls and normal offers.

    What i require:
    1. Sign up to my site
    2. Complete 1-2 Offers in each category (5 Categories in total atm)
    3. Request Payout

    Then i will verify that your account on my site got credited for the offers you did, and that no bugs messed something up. And ofcourse you will get paid for the offers you complete. Do not worry about malware and such, the offers are from respected ad networks like Blamads, Super Rewards, Payment Wall and several more.

    This is not a way to earn money, i make $xxx/Day already on several websites and the 10$ ill make from you guys doing offers is not my goal. The purpose of this is only testing, before i launch my site.

    As a bonus for your help i will also add a Website of your choice for free onto my PPV section for 1000 Free website views

    Please PM me your Skype ID so we can have a talk. Once were done i would expect you would have made 5-10$ for those few offers, i will pay that out trough Paypal to you guys.

    (If this is completly out of line, then please delete this tread, and i apologies. Then ill have to find some helpers elsewhere)