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    May 14, 2011
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    I Need a name for something.

    It's basically something I want to do to spread my wings and have a bit of fun, its in the web and graphics design niche.

    I have 1 website that is very boring and stale to me, I can't think of a way to have fun with it in a way that my clients will enjoy, so I want to start a 2nd website with the same services with a different image.

    Names I have looked at in other areas and I like are:

    Church of Cod
    Wok on Water
    Bags Bunny
    Lettuce Eat
    Pita Pan
    Frock Off
    Master Bait and Tackle
    A salt and battery
    Sofa So good

    I understand that on reading the business name you may not be able to see what I am about but thi is nothing I can't fix with some good branding in my opinion.


    The winner will receive any fiverr gig they like or 10,000 twitter followers.

    The contest will close when a excellent name is found.

    I want something funny, i have been thinking for weeks and not found anything amazing

    lets see what you can do.