MySQL database problems

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    I've been trying to change hosts for a while.
    I was maybe 2 or 3 days late in paying the bill for my old hosting.
    I had just moved all of the files over,
    and then started to download the backups for the database.
    I set this aside, and had to work on other things (university)
    2 days later I finally get back to it (my sites aren't very popular, still building them), I find out that I've downloaded blank SQL files, they were in zip files.
    11 databases, downloaded empty.
    I went back to try and login, and I was refused.
    Yet I still had 2 days left before the invoice was due.

    I contacted them, and they gave me a link to download the databases, with weird file endings.

    I haven't seen these file names, I think these are just archives or they either go on the server.
    But I never had server access, only had shared hosting.
    So, I don't know what to do.
    I've contacted them back again, and they just have me the same files :suspicious:'

    Does anyone know how I can pack these into SQL form? Or just give up and try again?
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    You may want to try this:
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