People don't use it the way it was once used. I don't think it's even used as social media anymore. It's essentially used to showcase music.
You must be too young. :)
BHW has 25 pages of threads about it too:
Thanks I will check this, yes, I am not that old and not too young.
I didn't know MySpace was still around. I will see if I still can access the account I had on there to get the backlink.
Every place who has people is "alive", question is would it be worth your while?
Because you're musician / artist?
No, because I had it back when it was hip and the only social network around. Back before fakebook was out, but only open to college kids. I hadn't logged into it in YEARS though. Trippy to see the photos of people I used to hang with then.

Yeah, I'm old. I still remember usenet, archie, veronica and BBSs and when I'd play poker with T-Rex, he always had a hard time getting the cards off the table...
Are you still able to access your old profile there? I can't :(
i recall when it was the next big thing, then it slowly died off
Myspace is not so popular in 2022 but it is first social sites basically for musicians and movie lovers .
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