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My Youtube story, need some advice

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by mic22, Jan 4, 2015.

  1. mic22

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    Apr 3, 2010
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    Hi there,
    I was quite successful on youtube in the era of "mobile views bot" but then, suddenly, it all have collapsed so I abandoned that idea.
    Now, I'm trying to begin again. So, I'm developing autopilot software to handle all that youtube stuff and scale it up with not much effort and it's pretty much done.
    I'm gonna describe what I got and reveal my method below because I'm kinda hopeless though. It used to work but not so well anymore, so any advice will be appreciated.
    Basically, I automatically mass reupload others' videos with my download link in description. It has all what it should, I mean videos are made unique to avoid duplicate content, description is getting spinned. It's pumping views, custom build & upload app to download and so on, all automatic. I promote CPA with the, so called, twist... well, probably it's not so new anymore, but it used to be 3 years ago :). Apps I serve to users are free of charge to download. No survey ect. When user opens it, there is an activation window with content locker to unlock features.
    Well, what's the problem you'll ask.
    First, traffic is low because videos do not rank itself (obviously) and I don't know how to rank them cheap... Main issue is: the users do not complete surveys anymore! I used to have about 7% conversions back then and now it's 0. It's been a week since I started again and my stats are terrible. I have no detailed track of views and downloads, but it's been 160 installs so far, 18 cpa offer click and no single one completion. Do you have any tips? Thanks!