my website not indexing in google


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May 11, 2011
Can you please help me my website wwwdotearthfriendlytonerdotcom is not indexing in any search engines

Please help me :(
if the site is new, you might just need to wait bit more..

anyways, you can try pinging, creating and submitting sitemap, building some backlinks, social signals and etc..
do what innozemec said :) pinging and sitemap helps alot
and btw i really like your site , love green color on web
Firstly :
1. Check if your website has really been indexed or not ( If it is there, it has not been indexed.
2. Go to your Webmaster Tool, try to Fetch and Submit your site. This should index your site.
3. Check if your website/domain has been banned.
4. Create links to your site. Blog comments, Image comments, Articles, Directories, anything.
5. Use these tools :
6. Go to Facebook/Twitter, create social signal to your site. Post a link of your site in your posts, or tweet it, have your friends click Like on it. or retweet to increase its social signal.
7. Build a sitemap. If you use WordPress, use Yoast's SEO plugin, it has an automatic site map builder.

My site (although new) is usually indexed within 24 hours.

EDIT : I check your site out.
Checked your site.
Nice design.
Has confirmed that you are not banned, and has not been indexed.
I have submitted your site to Google, other indexing services will create backlinks which you would not want (though it's perfectly fine)
Use the above service to speed up the process.
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pm me if you need any help
just use google sitemap video plugin and youtube video plugin
it will index couple minute if your site not sandbox
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