My website is not in the similarsitesearch database


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Jul 31, 2015
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Hello Guys,
when i type my website in i got this message saying that i have to Create a text file named ssstopics.txt with related keywords to my site + upload it.
i did this thing and i waited 5 days, but my website still not appearing in, while my competitors are there, any help please.
for your info my website is ranked 30K in alexa, MY DA=24, PA=38.
Thank you guys.
Any Help Guys

Any SEO expert ?
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Did you follow the instructions exactly?

Similar Site Search Webmaster Tool
We provide webmasters a simple way to tell us the topics of your websites. Here are the simple steps:
1. Create a text file named ssstopics.txt. Enter a list of topics (up to 20 topics) about your site separated by newlines. If the topic is not in English, make sure it is encoded in UTF-8.
2. Upload ssstopics.txt to your domain and make sure that you can access it through http://(www.) (Example:
3. Our bot will check the file automatically. If you want us to check it now, please use the following form to submit your domain. (Do NOT include the link to ssstopics.txt)
The advantages of this tool:
1. Because your site is verified, we will immediately boost the ranking of your domain, increasing the probability of your site being found.
2. Because your topics provide a more accurate description, our similar search engine will be able to put your site together with other sites that are very similar to yours.
3. Your website will be indexed with the topics you provided. Therefore, it can be found by users of SimilarSiteSearch searching with those topics.

Did you submit the site properly?
Check for negative backlinks and also check site metrics.It might get you some idea
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