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My thanks to BHW and what I learnt! + Need help

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by cl0zed, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. cl0zed

    cl0zed Registered Member

    Mar 4, 2011
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    Yes i'm a noob :eek: and have been lurking / reading / printing material from this place over the course of 6+ months. I have taken many actions in those months only to fail multiple times. No this thread isn't about begging for someone to spoon feed me anything, I simply need some advice. I have learnt some of the most valuable bits of information from your posts. I would like to share a few key ones:

    - Never give up!

    - Read BHW threads , implement,test,read, re-implement

    - Don't think there is a magic money making solution, it takes hard work and TIME!

    - When you find something that works scale it up and always re-invest money back into it ( outsourcing / Auto tools seonukex,amr,fiverr,bhw services,etc )

    - Try many different techniques which include adding twists to other peoples methods and making them your own.

    - Lately it seems Google is all about the quality and diversification of your backlinks

    - It seems GOOD article writing / spinning is a valuable skill to have so learn it or outsource it

    - When building a new site do not blast it with a tonne of backlinks, let it start slow ( organically ) Big G is watching you

    - A common pattern which I've read here is that doing your homework aka KW research is CRITICAL and should be number 1!

    - Use wordpress, find a cheap host aka hostgator

    - Use good quality theme's make your sites appealing to look at within your niche market

    - Provide something of value to your users, video's, real help not just re-spun barely readable content. Some of you say google knows about your sites bounce rates and it may affect your serp's

    - Deploy some amazing wordpress plugins ( found here if you use the search ) many threads regarding top plugins that everyone uses, find the pattern to which are the most popular and learn them

    - BE PATIENT, G works in somewhat mysterious way sometimes

    - Learn how to perform onsite / offsite seo

    Alright so I need some guidance when it comes to KW research, I've read through many useful posts here but I seem hung up on what technique I should use?

    Currently I'm using

    - Google keyword tool
    - Traffic travis
    - My brain!:p

    I look for kw's for a niche or something I can possibly build a site around I paste it into the keyword tool and look for multiple keywords that I can use. I am thinking of targeting KW's in the range of 2k-50k to start, I also look at the competition ( I know this is for adwords ) but some of you said the higher one are generally over saturated. So I stay clear, I paste my selected kw's into traffic travis's keyword competition.

    The results shoot out easy, relatively easy, medium etc. I then manually type the kw's into google and have a look at the 1st page ( only one that matters really ) I look for major players ( wiki, amazon, yahoo answers,etc ) if not present I look at the sites and analyze them are they spammy? can I do better? Do they add value to the user? I go back into traffic travis and check on the amount of backlinks the top sites have and if it seems low I go after it?

    Once you find your kw's what would you guys suggest for a noob to do for offsite seo?

    Manually find High pr do follow blogs and try and manually add backlinks? Manually find relevating forums and post your link in the sig? Go after article dir's make some web 2.0 properties? Create a some 5x5 or 3x3 UC link pushes? Invest in which software to automate backlinking?

    Please if anyone can help in my method or perhaps share what they use / offer me some suggestions on ways to improve I would be grateful. I'm asking for some direction.

    THANK YOU,:)