My Targeted Facebook Activities - Case Study, Review & Suggestions.

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    I've been around here for awhile slowly soaking up a tone of information on how I can use such BH techniques for my business. I'm an events promoter in a certain area of the UK so its been important to me to be able to target a certain group and age group of people.

    Now I've just started off a new project (PAGE) for a different age range, 16+ underage Raves (Sounds lame but its where the money is!) and I really need to get this going asap so this is where I'd love for anyone else's input on how they would do things.

    I'm already doing this...

    1. Have multiple accounts adding people from schools in the area.

    This may sound very simple but the clever part is this. If you want specific people from specific schools and areas, find one person that fits your desire, add them and when they accept then use their friends list and search for the school/hometown you want and that will show more results to add! Then carry on that cycle and their more likely to all accept as their good friends are already friends. Simple but often overlooked.

    2. Facebook Advertising.

    This is pretty obvious, there are loads of good tuts on here from quality users about how to get the best out of Facebook advertising. Also my tip for those who don't know is to look up Adcouponcode. I use them everytime for cheap facebook $50 coupons.

    3. Share Competition Tab on Page.

    I've coded a custom tab on my page where users can click to share in order to enter a competition to win free tickets to the event. This envolves them to share the link to our page on their wall! If anyones interested in seeing this work or wants it PM ME! :)

    These will work well I'm sure, they've put me in good stead at the minute. Does anyone have any suggestions how to speed up the process, I'm not looking for loads of random "Likes" I need real people from my target market that I can potentially sell tickets to! Within a week im on about 210 Likes with 600+ 'Talking about this'. I would really like to get it up to 1.5-2K soon.

    Hope the few tricks I use help anyone also!