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    Hi all,

    Sorry for my bad English. I cannot post my recent earnings here I don?t know why.

    I want to share my experience with Linkedin. I worked in recruiting for 4 years and Linkedin played important role in my full time job. Due to surgery I have to quit my job and start to work from home. I started with PTC then ewhoring the success rate there was pretty low. After 2 months I come across with methods of selling services like SEO, Web design and logo design. I didn?t know how to do this all but still I wanted to try.

    I was good in writing job description emails so I used the same skills here. In writing business proposals.

    I wrote nice email good looking signature attractive subject line but still the success rate was low behind every 300 email I send everyday for 7 days I used to get 1 sale which was between $50-$80/Week. I.e. from 2100 emails I sent I get one sale. I did this for 1 month.

    I contacted business houses who used google adwards campaign. (Like doctors, real estate companies, saloons.)

    But here is the twist one day thought about doing some modification in my email and signature. This time I have placed my LinkedIn profile URL too. In my profile at that time I had 32 recommendations from my previous employer and candidate I recruited. Also I had 25k+ connections. I don?t know how it worked but it has boost my earning from that moment I am getting 4-5 sales/ week i.e. $250-$300/week.

    Why I have mentioned Linkedin in this thread because even if not everyone is buying my service. But they are connected to my. I got 13 referral clients from these people.

    That?s how my experience so far currently I am making $400-450/week. I work 5-8 hours each day and take it as my fulltime source of earning.

    My suggestion here to everyone is to create full seo keyword optimize Linkedin profile. Make it as beautiful and attractive as possible. Have tons of recommendations. If you don?t have ask your existing clients or just straight away go to fiverr and buy recommendations I brought 38 recommendations so far. The more you have the better it is.

    I am looking forward to hear some suggestion in comments.


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    Why yellow? I'm using the light version and it's unreadable, and if I were on the dark theme I'd be pissed because it'd kill my eyes.