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My Story & Future in the Affiliate World

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by HalfHumble, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. HalfHumble

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    Jan 11, 2014
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    Well, where do I start? First off, please see the uncensored version of this thread here: textsave(.)org/N7N
    BHW will not let me post images or links! And they are vital to this thread, so ughh -_-

    So Sorry this is long, but its quite a story, so it requires a few pages! And hello to everyone, from the newbie?s like me, to the veterans of this site. I remember seeing this site years ago, never bothered to check it out. I assumed it would just be a bad blackhat SEO methods that would get you banned quickly from sites. Though having gone through the site for a couple days, Ive learned I was quite wrong. Theres such a wide variety of niches, platforms, methods, and skills that are talked about on this site that Ive never even heard of, nor understand how people use them. I wouldn?t even know where to start! Im glad I discovered it though, was about to sign up for StackThatMoney, it costs a hundred bucks a month, and I really think BHW can offer the same stuff for free.
    So Im just gonna start this thread with a little about me, and hopefully use this site to help me improve on the niches I already know pretty well. And Perhaps some of you guys could help me with your advice, or getting into some other niches. If you wanna message me, please leave an email, as I can not reply yet, dont have enough posts. But would love any help or mentoring from you guys. As far as my goal, its to make $250 a day in profit. Eventually more down the road, but $250 is what Im trying to achieve through whatever niches, various niches or a single niche.

    My background:
    So Im based in California, in my 20?s. I have lots of experience setting up wordpress sites, customizing them, basic CSS & HTML. I run a youtube tech channel with 30,000 subscribers. I started that in 2008. Unfortunately, the channel is now dead. I took the income for granite, stopped uploading videos for over a year, and lost my active users. When I tried getting back into the groove, my videos would only get like 90 views in a week, where as they used to get 1,000 in a day. So its kinda just a thing of the past that I use for reference now.

    However, my youtube channel is what got me introduced to the affiliate marketing field. I started with a GPT site called ?CashCrate?. I pasted the affiliate link in each of my videos, and to this day, I have referred 29,000+ referrals to the cashcrate website, and reached their highest user level. Unfortunately that income is kinda dead and gone also, because it relied on my youtube channel.
    The second IM field I got into is web hosting. I upload on youtube a few hit web hosting tutorials with my affiliate links in them:

    See Screenshot here, site wont let me post images -_-: textsave(.)org/N7N

    I got a few thousand dollars from that over the years, it averages maybe $100 per month over a 3 year period. So really not much.

    Anywho, one thing I want to stress though for the people who may tell me I should go back to working on youtube and make it work again, is that its really not possible, nor worth it. Even if the channel hadn?t died out, It was never that much income to began with. The Ad revenue from my youtube videos, + CashCrate + Web hosting commissions added up to about $1K month at its prime. Which really is not a living.

    My current projects:
    So Ive really been working hard to get into the webhosting affiliate market. I know, it?s a saturated competitive, expensive market. But I know it possible. I started a website called (see image below):


    (I see people saying not to post your website, cause google is watching, so I did the image thing.) So I started that website as a joint venture between me and a web design guy I met a while back. We Skyped and worked on it for about 7 months. But it ended up being a disaster, he launched the site without telling me, did everything his way, from features to colors, etc?. I told him I would not help with the site anymore until he?s willing to work together. So several months passed where nothing happened, and he refused to talk to me. Eventually I pulled off an elaborate trick to get him to answer a call, and he agreed to hand over the social media accounts for the site, which was all that was left. I always maintained control of the domain.
    ?SO, that was that. I then designed a new site in photoshop, made the logo, and hired a friend of mine to convert it to CSS/HTML/Javascipt. I made it very visually appealing as you can see. Very colorful, there?s video tutorials, and glow effects when you hover your mouse over certain areas. Cool detailed pricing features. I even setup an entire youtube channel with the same name that has over 50 video tutorials, videos for every web host.

    ....Now my issue was traffic and conversions. Initially I thought SEO was the way to go, I blew threw several hundred dollars to a SEO company based in India, it was a COMPLETE waste, but a good life lesson. They meant well, and seem very legit, but they were so god damn dumb. The updates the sent me and things they did to help my SEO were laughable. So I stopped paying for their services. Plus, my site is almost like a landing page, not something I can really get ranked with in SEO.
    I decided PPC would be the best route, quicker results, and safe from Googles SEO bullsh*t. But I needed a really big budget to start off with in order to compete. Like $15K a week at least. After a month or 2 it would be self funding from the conversions. I spent about 3 months contacting Capital investors, Angel investors, seed firms. I had made a professional Gust profile and summary of my plans, and an asking amount of $60K. Which is NOTHING compared to their usual investment amounts. I reached everyone from the PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, to Silicon Billionaire Yuri Milner. And Yes, I got direct responses from them, not their assistants. But besides them, Id say I contacted between 75-125 tech investors & angels. I was turned down by every one of them. This was mainly due to the fact that these are guys who invest in the next big thing like Groupon or Twitter, not affiliate marketing niches. And I knew that, but I was hoping just 1 out of the 100 people I contacted would be kind enough to give me the funds as long as it would be paid back, know what I mean? But nope, not one person said yes.

    All in all, I?d say I put about 60 hours into the videos (recording, editing), 25 hours contacting investors and researching their contacts, 20 hours into designing the site, and another 20 hours with various things like testing adwords campaigns, and contact PPC people, reaching out to other affiliate marketers.

    So I still think PPC is the best route, and it can be done, I just need to find the funding. Here?s an email from a really good PPC guy Ive been talking with lately:

    Hi ****,
    We can definitely do PPC and succeed, it just depends on what your monthly and daily budget is going to be. If you are willing to pay $60 per lead then you want at least 6-7 leads per day. Each click is going to be anywhere from $15-$30, and getting leads out of every 2 or 3 clicks is not going to happen especially when starting a new campaign, so the budget has to be high for us to work on and lower the cost per lead. Your competitors have a very high budget and clicks are very expensive so if we do have the right budget we can definitely do well. Any Ideas on what your budget is going to be?
    Your competitor
    top10bestwebsitehosting (.) (com) is showing up for every keyword because they have a budget of around $6,000/day and they also have over a lot of keywords. So if you tell me what the budget will be I will give you an estimate of how many clicks you will receive to your website.


    SO NOW?.
    With all that being. Whats your thoughts? Any Adwords experts here? Would you agree if I had a $60K monthly budget for 2 months, that I could make it work?

    As far as trying other niches
    Ive noticed some people talking about like setting up a site for an amazon affiliate product., with offshore hosting, and buying packages to rank for a certain keyword.
    Whats with offshore hosting, why not get hosting from a American provider like iPage, does offshore help with hiding black hat tactics or something?

    Also Media buys? Ive been wanting to learn more about that, just not sure where to start, theres so many blogs and books and resources out there, but, its overwhelming.

    Perhaps PPD? That seems like a good way, dont know if theres any successful PPD people willing to give me a little kickstart mentoring, I think whats I get the beginning stuff out of the way, Id be able to really make it work. Just would love the initial help!

    Some Big players Id like to replicate:
    A guy I idolize in the IM arena is Charles NGO. Not sure if anyone?s heard of him? **Censored** (see the uncensored version at the link I gave above) He made $1 million in his first year of internet marketing, and now is one of the biggest players in the field. I managed to email him, he made a very short vague response ?I spend my own money to buy traffic.? ?I don?t really know what he means though, its so vague.

    Another guy named Pawel, hes a successful IM guy: *censored* He posted about how he did blackhat SEO, and got the site purposely banned, but managed to profit $3K off it before It got banned. He talks about making a ?churn and burn? review site with simple link building techniques is more effective than whitehat SEO. Any ideas on how he did this exactly? What product he may have used and keywords? Is this something I could do since Im good at making wordpress sites, and can set them up quickly?

    As far as mobile affiliate, I talked with this guy, Dino: *censored*.... He was in the news a while back for making $16K in 1 day with mobile affiliate stuff! recommended me to sign up for StackThatMoney forum. I dont really understand what he does, but hes super successful with it. He said his strength is paid traffic, and he uses *censored*. But just looking at it, its so intimidating, I would need someone to help get started with it.

    But being able to do what any 1 of those 3 guys above I listed, do, would be amazing.

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  2. Beven

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    Aug 30, 2011
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    United Kingdom
    Detailed thread, best of luck HalfHumble :)

    For this journey I would try and focus on one of your projects so you don't spread yourself too thin!
  3. Lakitu

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    Dec 29, 2013
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    Good luck. And I would definitely try to salvage that Youtube channel, it can come in handy again if you use it right.
  4. AquaticGamer

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