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    Hey everyone,
    I am known in the computer in the computer/gaming world by a few names. Variations of Jitter, TheJitterMan, TheJit. Feel free to use any of these :)
    I am probably about the noobist person on this entire forum put the topics here intrigue me. I have always had an entrepreneurial mind since a young age when I would invent things and always tried to think of new ways to make money. I'm a very fast learner when it comes to things im interested in. I would say I have learned very fast the technical world in the year since I "flew the coop" (moved away from parents), Im almost 19 years old but have barely been around computers and technology my whole life. But ever since my introduction to them I have been fascinated with the potential for entrepreneurial opportunities. Since stumbling upon BHW I have seen the mention and discussion of IM and clickbanking which id never heard of. Sounds like something that I would be interested in getting into. If anyone has suggestions on where to start with these and how to learn as much as I can about them that would be great!