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    I've been searching for my passion my whole life and due to work commitments I never had enough time or energy to pursue the things I really enjoyed doing. A year and a half ago I compound fractured my leg while doing big jumps on a pit bike.

    5 hours of surgery and 24 metal plates/screws later I woke up in hospital with the most pain I had ever experienced. I then had the option of doing computer work (drawing plans) for my current company while I was recovering in hospital. I turned this down and I used my leg as an excuse to get away from my job and it gave me time to pursue my real interests.

    While in hospital my brother lent me his laptop and I used my wireless internet connection to create an e-commerce website for a product that he was trying to market. The site was a success and I enjoyed it so much that I swore I would never go back to my regular job. I also wrote songs in FL Studio with a set of headphones from my hospital bed and they were some of my best pieces I have ever written!

    For the next few months I was confined to a couch at home in front of my PC and I worked out how to import products and sell them on eBay. I kept this up and it payed the bills and gave me more time to pursue other interests on the internet. I eventually purchased a large website in a niche which I really enjoyed and I have been running that since and really enjoying everything to do with the internet. I gave up eBay as it was no longer a challenge for me and the eBay, PayPal and Postage costs made me feel more like I was working for other people rather than myself.

    So here I am and that is my story. I have been lurking on here for a while and though it was finally time to introduce myself. A big thanks to all the people on this site for all the helpful information that they have shared!
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    Welcome to BHW Mate. Once you go black you will not go back.
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    Welcome on board!