My SEO plan...will it work?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by nuclearfusion, Jan 5, 2013.

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    Hello BHW!

    I've been a user here for awhile now I just never really post much.

    Anyways, I had a few questions about SEO. I am still new to it and was wondering if this should be a GO or a NO.

    Here are the tools I have access to *purchased in mid November 2012* so want to put them to use.

    1. GSA search engine ranker
    2. Wicked Article Creator
    3. Captcha Sniper

    I am working on a niche site and plan to manually build my web 2.0 links. I plan to use:

    If you have any other sites to recommend please let me know. Anyways, I plan to manually build those links pointing to my money site. Then I plan to put spun articles generated by Wicked Article Creator onto these web 2.0 properties. Should I personally write these for the first tier links or will articles generated by wicked article creator work just fine?

    I forgot to mention that all of the articles on my main site are written by me with original content.

    Also I wanted to blast my money site with PR3 or higher links using GSA. yes or no?

    and last I plan to blast the web 2.0 links with social bookmarks and other backlinks using GSA?

    is this planned out correctly? What should I add / remove from this plan? any help would be much appreciated.
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    Yes doing manually tire 1 is better option.

    Try to use few more web2.0 like weebly, yola, squido, posterious, bravent and few others

    Try to make unique 500+ article for tire 1

    Try to have links from video sharing, document sharing websites as tire 1

    Have some link Good Social Bookmarking

    Directory listing(I felt personally it is still working)

    Relevent content Comment

    And you can use some wiki links as well

    Tire 2:
    wiki, jcow, phpfox

    Tire 3:
    forum profiles, web2.0 profiles

    Tire 4:
    Scrapebox Blast

    This is general method that I used and have some good result
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    Here the big thing you need to keep in mind when manually creating web 2.0's: make sure they look natural!
    This will give them way more value than those automatically web 2.0's by senuke for example.So make sure they don't look like the web 2.0's that you can just create with senuke but make them different, so:
    - Create more than 1 page.
    - Add pictures & videos.
    - Use bold, underline, bullet points etc.
    - Add widgets such as visitors counter, guestbook and such.
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    Dude you are going the right way you just need to work out a little over the things that are mentioned above so it can be the perfect plan for you, the comments above have covered almost every aspect remaining in your plan.
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