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    A lot of threads on here say a lot of different things concerning blasting your URL main site links with Scrapebox. Who knows if these people did it properly, if they are full of sh1t, etc...

    Here is a test I did, take it for whatever you think its worth:

    I purchased an exact match domain for $75. Domain age is from 2007. Domain has been parked by previous owner for the past few years, never had a site on it.

    The exact match 2 word keyword has 60,500 EXACT searches per month according to Google Keywords tool. Not broad searches, but Exact.

    In Google, there are 6 million results for this 2 word keyword so low to medium competition.

    What I did:

    I blasted using Scrapebox. My 2 word keyword was used in the "Name" field to get the anchor text of my site URL. My comments were all text comments, about 100 of them, all spun, to give good variety.

    I have blasted for 2 weeks straight every day. Total of the two weeks blast is about 3 million unique domains I blasted to.

    I then blasted about 500k trackbacks in the past 3 days.

    I check yahoo backlinks every day to see progression of how many backlinks they are finding. Before I started, there was only 3 backlinks to this site. Today, there is almost 6,000 and I'm sure number will grow as manual approve blogs will approve comments in the next week or two.

    So this was all I did with Scrapebox.

    My site:

    The site I put up is a wordpress blog. The site was put up a month ago. The content is from 2 sources... a pull of twitter posts from a certain niche of people, and a rss feed from a certain website. Site is automatically updated twice per day for twitter pull, and once every 3 days for rss feed pull. So none of the content on my site is unique. My site is just an aggregator.

    Today, in Google I rank #25 for my exact match 2 word keyword. In Yahoo I am #2. And in Bing I am #4.

    Now, it is too early to say if I will get hammered for duplicate content or not. But what test shows is that Yahoo & Bing have big focus on Exact Match Domains and high number of backlinks (regardless of quality of backlinks). Google is a little more picky, but still, you can rank well on Google with just low quality backlinks.

    I'll wait a month and give an update so you can see further results.
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    interesting experiment
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    me too:)
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    cool thanks for sharing...I recently started blasting comments on scrapebox