My Scrapebox catch 22

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    For those of you not familiar with the idiom of "catch 22" it means to be in a situation where you are "damned if you do" and "damned if you don't". So let me explain why I am in this predicament when it comes to Scrapebox:

    I have been toying with Scrapebox for a while now, and have done lots of research on how to effectively build master AA lists, establish and maintain keyword-specific campaigns, analyze and choose a niche and related keyword competition, etc. At this point, I'm confident I understand how to properly choose a niche campaign based on keyword/competitor research and how to build quality backlinks using low OBL and high PR blogs (among other off-site methods of seo). However, when it comes to building and refining large AA lists, I cannot seem to get my feet off the ground.

    I have mixed and matched techniques and strategies from many sources, and I believe I should be getting the results I'm seeing others get using similar techniques, but that's just not happening. Well, I've read and been told about the importance of good proxies for harvesting high-quality AA lists - I have not invested in paid open proxies, though, because my current fiscal situation means I have to choose my investments (no matter how small) wisely. In the interim I have been using either proxies harvested through SB (checking to make sure they're good) or using proxy lists that are shared here (making sure they are no more than an hour or two old at most).

    So I ask you, BHW community, how can I be sure that purchasing such proxies will be the solution I'm looking for? That's my catch 22 -- I'm damned if I continue to try harvesting high-quality AA lists using the proxies I've been using so far, and I'm potentially damned if I purchase open proxies (say, from YPP) and it turns out that it's my techniques that are flawed.

    Perhaps I need to elaborate on my techniques for creating AA lists - if that's the case, let me know. I'm nothing of an expert, so I'm sure there's still a few things I could learn from you all.