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My "Rent YT Space" Method

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by catardat, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. catardat

    catardat Senior Member

    Jul 23, 2008
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    Here is a little twist to some old method where you had to email yt users and offer them money in order to put your link in description. This method works if you are low on cash and can't afford to send them payments up front.

    1. Make a website, name it videomonetization.com or something like that and make sure you give a pro look. You will act like a premier global affiliate network specialized in YT marketing. Give a few information about how affiliate CPA companies work, how they can be paid from $25 to $ 1000 ( depending on their traffic) just by putting a link in their video description, that they will make money with no experience in marketing, that you will design personalized websites to fit their traffic and stuff like that. If acting like a company is not your style just make a site blog about you being a YT marketing guru with 4 years experience and that you simply rent space.

    We want to have a website and look pro because we won't pay them a cent until we get we get the money from our CPA network, we make payments net 15 day schedule + that people will trust us.

    2. Get a send messages bot and start sending messages to all the people with good traffic. Something like: "Hello, My Name is ...... and I work for ..........,a premier global performance-based affiliate network specialized in youtube marketing. If you've got serious traffic sources from a video or multiple videos we will help you monetize that traffic even if you have 0 experience in affiliate marketing. More Info at ......"

    After people will apply on your website, write them a message..

    "You have been approved at...

    Thank You for applying ! Your application will be reviewed by our staff
    within 3 days. We will evaluate only the video (these videos): bla bla bla.
    After the evaluation period we will come up with a fair price we can pay you each month for letting us use your video traffic. Thank you bla bla.."

    If you catch someone with very good traffic evaluate for 3 days because his video might be doing some serious cash and in this case you don't mind paying him 30% of the profit each month. For people will shity traffic evaluate for 1 week and then send them a "you have not been approved" message.

    Thing is you have some big chances to find people with videos that can make $200 even $500 or more per month. It will be stupid not to pay them decent after you get the cash from your CPA considering you can profit from them months to come.

    PS: I tested this method with ringtones and it does not work, I only made $200 in a week by evaluating. I also tested get a free iphone on some music clips and this does not work also. You need to come up with your own ways of monetizing the videos if you want to make good money.
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  2. moneyrocks

    moneyrocks Supreme Member

    May 22, 2009
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    thanks a lot for this method man but i think it will be more of a hit a miss kind of thing..... thanks one more time.