My Re-Introduction

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    Hello all,

    This is my reintroduction!

    At the beginning of 2016 I joined this forum, and I, like many other Newbies wanted free handouts or the Paypal Monkey Generator (Where did this meme start??). I would get really pissy if money didn't come easily to me.

    I was a bit of a spoiled kid back then, but a lot can change in a year - The biggest thing that happened to our little family was the passing of my Father. It was completely devastating, he was our rock.

    Later that year, my wife and I found ourselves pregnant with our gorgeous daughter. It was a weird year.

    With my Dad's passing I had to take a more hands on roll with the family accounting practice, and only then did I finally realise how hard my parents have worked for my brother and myself.

    I made some serious changes in my life and lost the shit attitude that had held me back. Now I am working on a few projects outside of running the practice - which is where BHW comes into play.

    With regard to BHW - I didn't know where I could fit in for a while, where I could contribute to discussions in any kind of meaningful way, but then it hit me... I may not know a lot about IM but I have been brought up around businesses my whole life and I think that's where I can add value to the forum.

    Thanks for having me.