My proper introduction... Young and hungry.

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    What up!

    I'm a 19 year old university student that thinks university is a waste of time. But, I'm just doing this to make my parents happy but my real focus lies in IM. I get really good grades so obviously my parents would almost drop dead if I were to actually drop out. Before y'all tell me follow your own passion, etc, I understand all that but I also understand my parents who were raised for 40+ years thinking university is the key. So, to keep my parents sane and myself happy, I'm gonna finish my degree, while working my #[email protected] off in IM. And, university is not all that bad! You learn a few key skills and it's the transition period to the adult life.

    I have been a long-time lurker because when I set out on my YouTube venture and googled anything about views/seo/fake views and all that non sense, this forum would come up... I thought I found a gold mine of hackers and nerds who would give me the secret formula for getting millions of subscribers... Hahahha. In my opinion, my partner and I made amazing content. I did well with YouTube and actually had two videos go (somewhat) viral. The channel is still up and running with a lot of momentum. However, I decided to give the channel over to my partner for now because the channel was in a niche I wasn't passionate about anymore. And it isn't an overly profitable niche.

    So my focus now has been switched to destroying it on Instagram through half-spam half-legit accounts that I want to keep forever. They are all made with extreme quality because I make them all manually and do real human actions on them. I plan on building up hundreds of these accounts over the next few months to make myself a solid full-time income. My real long-term project though is to build my brand starting on IG and eventually migrating back to YouTube which I have great experience in.

    I wanted to make a proper introduction because I am going to be a bit more active in these forums in these next few months/years.

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    Education is NOT a waste of time. It's not going to make you money, only your determination and will will get you that, but make no mistake, the experience of going to university is an important one that spans beyond only the education aspect of it.

    Work hard, and do your best to get the most out of your time in university.

    And welcome to BHW :)
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    Can aruge about that . Welcome to BHW !