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    Jun 19, 2014
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    Hello BHW !

    I read the forum for some time now and i ve decided to register and participate a little around.

    Like most of people here (i think) im looking to make some easy money online but im still asking myself where to start there is so much!

    I work has a desktop engineering i "make/modify software" to match our client needs (from scratch or from .setup .exe or modify manufacturer .msi and then save it back to .msi for clients to install with desired modification included

    I'm wondering if its something that can interest some of you ... ?

    About my passions i love IT stuff (computer, new tech) but also gaming and watching tv show (maybe what you will call a "geek")

    Thats all for me, thanks for reading me
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    Welcome buddy,have a look at some journey threads and you are not allowed to sell your services outside BST,but you can always check "hire a freelancer" section.
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