My Page One Google Rankings Puzzle

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    May 19, 2012
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    Just a short story of my rankings for one particular website of mine which is behaving oddly in google's rankings and hopefully someone will know why because I've never seen this happen before.

    I've got a website that has managed to climb to page one of google about a two months ago for quite a competitive keyword, it fluxuates between number 2 position and number 8. Well last month it dropped to page seven so I added some new content to the site and it instantly moved back to page 1.

    Now this has been doing this everyday for the past few weeks, it drops in rankings quite steeply and as soon as I add fresh content it goes straight to page one again. It seems to drop every 24 hours. Now I know google can track my ip and list sites I visit on page one, but I wiped my cookie cache and memory everytime I did this, and I also use different ip's to view google search.

    I don't use google analytics so they can't be tracking my website through that.

    So what I tend to be doing is adding new content everyday to keep my site on page one, dont get me wrong I don't mind doing this I've just never heard of this happening to anyone else so my question to everyone on this forum is whats going on.

    Thanks in advance for any replies.